Add A Little Death to Your Diet with These Skull Cake Pans.

Never thought I’d be doing a post about baking, but here we are…

I always say social media can be a wonderful thing because sometimes you discover an interesting item that would have normally passed you by. In this case, this particular home cooking device passed through my Facebook feed courtesy of – ironically – Foodie director Christopher G. Moore. Baking is supposed to be bright, pretty and covered in sprinkles, but what if you’re a horror lover who wants to add a bit of death to your diet? Well, why not purchase these skull shaped baking pans to do just that.

Made by Nordic Ware, these durable cast aluminum baking trays allow you to make six skull shaped baked goods at a time – whether you turn them into cakes, cupcakes or muffins is completely up to you. They also come with a lifetime warranty in case they explode in the oven or come to life and eat your brains. Really, though, they’re handy to have for those last minute party ideas and don’t we all love to add horror and Halloween into just about everything?

They’re priced between $35.99 and $49.24 which is I know is a little pricey, but they have great reviews and you really can use them for years and years to come. You can by them from the Nordic Ware website, online at Target or Walmart, and even on Amazon. Here’s the link to buy them on Kitchen Niche:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)