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True Detectives Meets Stranger Things in Jordan Downey’s TECHNO WESTERN. Watch Inside!

Jordan Downey is most known for writing, directing and producing three entries in the killer turkey Thankskilling franchise as well as 2006’s short film Hackjob. While Downey has a knack for inventing colorful story-lines and even more vibrant settings, his latest short film Techno Western is definitely a style change for the independent filmmaker. It’s more mature and grounded. And don’t let the title fool you – Techno Western is shrouded in mystery, suspense and an uneasy feeling that is somewhat reminiscent to Stephen King’s IT.

The iconic film, which is on the release slate as a remake, is just one of many titles that Jordan drew inspiration from when creating his latest picture. He gives props to “Stranger Things,” “True Detective,” “The X-Files,” Stand By Me and even Star Wars for being the backbone behind his new short. Jordan says, “The idea, really, is drawn from my childhood. When I was a kid I would always take my squirt guns and spray paint them to look like some cannon or prop from Star Wars. I’d duct tape flashlights and pocket knives to the barrel and pretend to go “hunting” in the woods for bad guys. At the same time I was really into bounty hunters, especially Boba Fett. I always used to imagine ‘what if a bad guy was loose in our small town’ and how could I solve the crime and capture him for a reward?”

Techno Western was written, directed and Mr. Downey with co-writer, co-producer and cinematographer Kevin Stewart. Dylan McDonald and Justin Rose star.

Check it out below.

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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