Paranormal Investigators Society of the Supernatural Capture an “Anomaly” at the Bellaire House

From the YouTube description:

During a recent Investigation at the Bellaire House in Bellaire OHIO, Dave Spinks and David Weatherly were experiencing a flurry of activity on the stairwell leading to the second floor . We were standing at the base of the stairs watching this event take place , I ( Dave S), was filming the stair way and David Weatherly was conducting a spirit box session , as the rempod was going nuts , Weatherly was getting some disturbing responses on the Spirit box , I panned right with the Flir Camera and Captured what appears to be a free Floating upper torso of some sort of Entity that is partially coming out of the wall. No one was in that part of the house and there was nothing in that area to cause any sort of reflection or false reading.

Written by Blacktooth

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