Ama Lea’s Sexy, Year of Fear Calendar Returns For 2018 with Male & Female Editions.

Here’s to another Year of Fear: Ama Lea delivers two blood-red horror-themed calendars for guys and dolls alike.

Back in 2016, L.A. based celebrity photographer, fashion designer and filmmaker Ama Lea came up with with a pretty odd question: What if all those beloved killer characters you know from your favorite slasher films were to be re-enacted by hunky male models? The answer was a blood-drippingly beautiful calendar that showed steaming hot incarnations of Freddy, Jason and friends. Ironically titled “Year of Fear“, the 12-month eye-candy sold out quickly and demanded a follow-up. And just like every good sequel, the successor called for more of everything. Hence, this time around Ama Lea delivers not only one but two versions for 2018.

Yes, the male-only edition is back, but there is also a female one. Don’t expect the classic half-naked horror movie victim though, the damsel in distress or simply women role playing as originally male characters. Instead think badass as badass can be. Year of Fear – Girls Edition features actresses and models like Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede 1 & 2), Brea Grant (Halloween 2, Dexter, and Beyond The Gates) and star of Showtime’s Submission Raylin Joy, alongside Ama Lea herself and many more.

The male version replaces famous killers with famous monsters this time. Expect a tongue-in-cheek parody approach and crossover fun with blockbusters and TV favorites adding some jaw-dropping elements. Get a look at actors like Kevin Caliber (Kal El in Supergirl), Eric Paul Erickson
(Snake Outta Compton), Charles Chudabala and Marv Blauvelt (both from Grindsploitation 2) among others. There is also a variant cover edition of this one, but limited to 200 copies and only available during pre-orders, starting today under

Ama Lea’s team for 2018 marks the return of producer Nathaniel Emond as the only man on an all-female super team including Christine Gerardi on VFX, Caitlyn Brisbin (Don’t Kill It, Tales of Halloween), Sheila Mia Seifi (Captain America), Allison McGillicuddy (Phoenix Forgotten, Trash Fire), Gabby Grave (ABC’s of Death 2.5) and long time collaborator of Ama Lea’s, Scarlet Fierce all lending their make up skills to create the ghastly creations of the 2018 year.

With $20 for the regular and $27 for the variant cover edition, pricing is decent. All items ship worldwide by October 1st.

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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