Len Kabasinski Isn’t Mucking Around with this Swamp Zombies 2 Teaser.

You know what’s better than an action horror movie sequel? An action horror movie sequel about swamp zombies! A follow-up film 12 years in the making, director Len Kabasinski is hard at work on his new feature film Swamp Zombies 2. Produced under Killerwolf Films and written by Newt Wallen, Swamp Zombies 2 looks to be nearing the end of principal photography considering a promo poster and teaser recently hit social media sites.

The teaser trailer features special effects by MonsterFX’s Ryan Hickey as well as Joe La Scola and Christin Berger. It was edited by Scott Montegue… and you know what? The footage actually looks pretty frickin’ good for an independent film. It was certainly clever, violent and campy enough to grab my attention; and I can’t wait to see more from this film in the future. Thanks to actor Robert Smith for passing this news along to me!

Peep the teaser trailer for Swamp Zombies 2 below!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)