Lost Boys Fan Film Takes A Bite Out of the Jersey Shore.

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They’re Not Lost, They’re Spreading
Lost Boys Fan Film Takes A Bite Out of the Jersey Shore

NJ, 12/6/17 – Joel Schumacher’s Lost Boys brought vampires back into the black-light in 1987 and rejuvenated the careers of several genre stars including Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Jason Patric, Dianne Wiest and Kiefer Sutherland. After taking the #2 spot at the box office in its opening week in theaters, The Lost Boys went on to become a rock and roll phenomenon, pop culture influencer, and is often hailed by critics as one of the best vampire films of all time. It’s no surprise that in the years to come, the original feature spawned two direct-to-DVD sequels, multiple comic book series… and now a remake from an independent New Jersey director; just in time to celebrate the film’s 30 Year Anniversary.

Randy Memoli is most known for his acting efforts, where he can be seen in titles including Mary Horror, Covenant, Legacy of Snakes, novel-to-film prequel Jest, and Potent Media’s fantasy-drama Sugar Skulls Girls. In between learning lines and costume changes, Memoli has worked behind the camera on several short films, most noticeably “based on true events” suspense-thriller Gloom and Wes Craven’s 30 Second Film Challenge entry Chicken. After stepping away from the director’s chair for several years to raise his growing family, Randy has returned to the seat with his new project, Lost Boys: The New Breed.

According to Memoli, the idea came from his own devotion to the original feature film. He says, “Lost Boys was one of my favorite movies while growing up and it remains on that list to this very day. I mean, what’s not to love? Grungy vampires, terrified teens, a killer soundtrack, a cool mix of suspense and comedic fun. Lost Boys is a beast! So many series are receiving remakes and original installments, and I always thought ‘Why not Lost Boys?’ I decided, for the film’s 30 Year Anniversary, I wanted to give fans – myself included – something new, something canon to the original movie. Part remake, part reboot. There’s a lot of surprises in store for Lost Boys fans. You’ll definitely want to watch Lost Boys: The New Breed to the very end.”

Filmed on the famous Keansburg Boardwalk in New Jersey, Lost Boys: The New Breed was shot in two days and is currently in the middle of post-production edits courtesy of cinematographer Jason Nappi. Nappi and Randy Memoli worked together on several projects in the past and Memoli states that, “Jason was the go to guy for this idea. His talent behind the camera is unparalleled. We’ve come up with a  couple of ideas to make The New Breed as effective as possible while maintaining the allure of the original movie.” Nick Chavez II, Frank E. Bohr, Nick Hanz, Randy Memoli, Pete Baez, Greg Romano, Carlos Garcia, Rob Brokaw and Daniel Matejka star in this short film co-produced by Memoli and Horror Society’s Michael DeFellipo.

Lost Boys: The New Breed is based on the story by Janice Fisher and James Jeremias and the film directed by Joel Schumacher.

Look for it to premiere online in the near future.

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