Useless Horror Movie Trivia: Saw Edition

Saw (2004) – Director James Wan has stated that most of the scare scenes are real nightmares that he and Leigh Whannell experienced as kids.

Saw (2004) – Was originally scheduled for a straight-to-DVD release, but went to theaters after positive test screenings.

Saw (2004) – Shawnee Smith was battling a terrible case of the flu and a 104 degree fever while shooting her scenes.

Saw 2 (2005) – It took 4 days for the crew to replace all 120,000 of the needle tips with fiber tips for the needle pit scene.

Saw 2 (2005) – Shawnee Smith was pregnant during filming, but kept it a secret from everyone.

Saw 2 (2005) – Henry Rollins was originally cast to play the role of Xavier, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

Saw 3 (2006) – The pig carcasses were made out of foam, rubber and latex, and filled with real life disinfected maggots.

Saw 3 (2006) – Lyriq Bent shot his scenes in one day due to his obligations with Angela’s Eyes.

Saw 3 (2006) – The longest running Saw movie with a total time of 108 minutes.

Saw 4 (2007) – The first Saw movie that doesn’t open with a character in a death trap.

Saw 4 (2007) – The knives used in the unborn baby’s revenge trap were made out of wood.

Saw 4 (2007) – The dog that Ivan is hugging and kissing is director Darren Lynn Bousman’s dog in real life.

Saw 5 (2008) – Seth’s trap is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe short story, “The Pit and the Pendulum.”

Saw 5 (2008) – Julie Benz suffered nightmares long after the completion of her role due to its intensity.

Saw 5 (2008) – The first film where Billy the Puppet does not appear in person.

Saw 6 (2009) – Tanedra Howard nabbed the role of Simone as the prize for winning VH1’s “Scream Queen.”

Saw 6 (2009) – The first film to reuse a previously featured trap with the Reverse Bear Trap.

Saw 6 (2009) – The only Saw movie to have a post-credit scene.

Saw 7: 3D (2010) – In Massachusetts, the film was accidentally screened instead of the 3D animated film Megamind (2010).

Saw 7: 3D (2010) – The only Saw movie where a trap occurs outside, in broad daylight.

Saw 7: 3D (2010) – Over 25 gallons of fake blood was used in the film.

Jigsaw: Saw 8 (2017) – Tobin Bell becomes the only cast member to appear in all eight films.

Jigsaw: Saw 8 (2017) – The second Saw movie to not have someone say, “game over,” at the end.

Jigsaw: Saw 8 (2017) – The first Saw movie to have the villain’s name displayed in the title.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN