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Santa Slasher Gets One Last Try in Nick Santos’ Holiday Fear.

Tis the season to take risks, make assumptions, spend all your money on the perfect gifts… and risk your life to save a girl from a madman! Nothing says holiday horror like a good Christmas slasher flick! Thank you, Nick Santos, for giving us a delightful present one week early!

Holiday Fear is a four minute short film written, directed and produced by Nicholas Payne Santos. It was also produced by Matthew John Lawrence and cinematographer Kyle I. Kelley. After screening at over 35 film festivals around the world – including Fantasia International Film Festival, FilmQuest, Nightmares Film Festival and Telluride Horror Show – Holiday Fear has officially made its way to Vimeo.

Rebeca Robles, Eric Whitten and Ben Elder star.

Director’s Statement: At the end of September 2016, I sat down to write a script like no other I’d written before: a feel-good romantic comedy. By Halloween, the screenplay had morphed into a meta-horror-comedy about machismo in film. Not exactly what I set out to write, but a story that spoke to me, nonetheless. As a kid, my friends and I had movie marathons every weekend, renting VHS tapes from the local Blockbuster’s horror section. Holiday Fear picks up at the very end of a typical Slasher movie, where the killer is seemingly dead, but wakes up with a vengeance just as the heroes thought they were safe. The film takes on what it means to be a man in a relationship while poking fun at the genre that I love.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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