Time-Twisting Crime Drama “7 Splinters In Time” Has World Premiere At Cinequest March 3, 2018

7 SPLINTERS IN TIME is an intricately constructed, visually arresting, graphically exotic and groundbreaking lo-fi sci-fi detective story that mashes up Phillip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler.

Darius LaFaux (Edoardo Ballerini), is an introverted detective who spends most of his free time looking over a sullen old neighbor Babs (Lynn Cohen, THE HUNGER GAMES) living next door. When a new murder case turns up, he visits the morgue but discovers something quite peculiar this time around – the dead body is identical to his own. As his day-to-day life begins to blur into a series of erratic and haunting memories, an outlandish childhood friend John Luka (Bennick) reaches out and connects. The duo embarks upon a quest to unveil the truth about a traumatic incident that sits at the core of Darius’ recent disturbances.

Film soundtrack available on sonaBLAST! February 15



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