Review – Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil (An ITN Original Film)

Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil is a new film from MGI Productions that is slated for release through ITN Distribution later this year. I first became aware of the team at MGI Productions after receiving a screener of their previous film, a horror-comedy titled Anna, and finding it to be a well-rounded film in terms of production value and content. Discovering their resume so late in the game, I was nervous about reviewing Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil since I’d never seen 2014’s Lake Fear or 2016’s Lake Fear 2: The Swamp. Luckily, Lake Fear 3 is pretty easy to follow considering it’s a direct sequel to Lake Fear. In this installment, Revel (Shanon Snedden) and her best friend Chloe (Katelynn Newberry) are desperately searching for Revel’s missing sister; Jordan from Lake Fear. Coincidentally, they cross paths with a wannabe television medium, Vincent (Devi Khajishvili), who promises to help discover the other woman’s whereabouts. During this mission, the trio inadvertently stumbles upon the town’s biggest, wettest urban legend… and it’s hungry for human flesh. The Thing meets Evil Dead, Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil also stars Joshua Winch, Vandi Clark and John Zetty. 

Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil was written by Gerald Crum and directed by Michael Crum; with both men handling the editing duties after principal photography finished under cinematographer Daniel Frank. If I compare this movie to their previous one, Anna, I have to say that the production value has gone way up. Major props for putting together a capable crew, and bettering your skills as a film-maker, because the the hard work has certainly payed off. It’s no wonder outside companies are eager to get Lake Fear 3 out to the public. The camera work is so much better and the lighting at night is near perfect. The audio is crystal clear; though it is a little over-produced. The digital effects are SyFy movie quality and the practical special effects are just the right style and execution for a movie of this caliber. And the icing on the cake is that the actors are just as talented as the crew. Not a weak performance in the bunch. Props to producers Richard Blake and Joshua Winch, and everyone else at MGI Productions for putting together a worthwhile movie.

In terms of story and level of horror, both elements are definitely there… but I was having way to much fun to be engrossed and scared. That’s probably my favorite thing about Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil. It’s good, old fashioned indie horror at its best. It’s the type of movie that invites you to turn your brain off to the stressful world around you, grab a few beers, and enjoy an hour and a half of attractive people running from and fighting against swampy monsters and otherworldly parasites. Lake Fear 3: Origin of Evil has a sinister atmosphere, truly unexpected turns, and buckets of blood that are all guaranteed to keep you entertained. I should also mention that it’s equal parts action-drama as it is horror. I can’t speak for the first film, because I’ve never seen it, but this entry in the series was a balls to the walls horror story that’ll force a smile on your face during the turmoil and bloodshed on screen. A tremendous showing of talent, skill and understanding of ones story and product. Let this one get under your skin when it’s released later this year. Final Score: 8 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)