Full Moon invites you to the Exotic Movie House

Won’t you come inside?

The mainstream is gripped by erotica. Those cheeky guilty pleasure Fifty Shades movies dominate (ahem) the box office and with them, we’re seeing a return to a cultural interest in “sexy” movies as opposed to “sex” movies. Sex movies and pornography leave nothing to the imagination, with every configuration of penetration explored in near-medical depth. Sexy movies are much, much different…

The world wants something hotter, more mysterious and sensual. Something couples can enjoy together. Something that lights the fire but doesn’t “do” all the work for you.

That’s where Exotic Movie House comes in.

Full Moon is excited to present Exotic Movie House, a one-stop streaming shop exclusively dedicated to erotica, from award winning European classics, to sensual ’90s video store favorites, to cheeky subversive “grindhouse” fare and new, contemporary  and original sexually charged cinema. Exotic Movie House features an ever expanding library of classy, carnal entertainment, designed for private home viewing as well as intimate nights in with the one you love, totally uncut and uncensored. And best of all, we’ll be adding a NEW erotic feature every week, starting with the sweltering Secret Sins (see attached art) on May 9th, kicking off our OFFICIAL EMH “Grand Opening”.

Check out the Exotic Movie House sizzle reel HERE.

Here’s some of the exclusive highlights of the Exotic Movie House subscriber experience:

*Go DEEP Behind the Scenes: Get a look at some of Full Moon’s classic and contemporary original erotic movies being filmed as well as a peek behind the beaded curtain at our on-set photo shoots for the smoking hot Surrender Cinema covers…

*Inside The Vault: Extended sensual scenes and unseen hot footage from many of our sultriest titles…

*Sinful Secrets from The Confessional: Exclusive videos of top adult and burlesque stars in various states of undress. Watch as they tell ultra-sexy stories and pulse-pounding erotic anecdotes from their personal lives and steamiest fantasies…

And much, much more…

All our scintillating titles are spread into a series of “carousels”, grouped with themed sub-genres liked Fatal Attractions (erotic thrillers and exploitation),  Sexy ComediesSurrender Cinema (Full Moon’s very own erotica label) and Euro Erotica (French and foreign sexploitation classics).

With new content added every week, exclusive premieres and uninhibited extras, there’s always something hot, strange, sensual and exciting to discover. Sign up today for either$8.99/month (includes a $10 gift card), $23.99/3 months (includes $20 gift card), $46.99/6 months (includes $30 gift card) or $89.99/one year (includes “Ultimate Pleasure Box”) to gain unlimited access to our entire collection. As well, we’ll give exclusive windows for collectors to PURCHASE new Exotic Movie House DVD releases as they come, well in advance of their availability on

Once you enter the Exotic Movie House, you’ll never, ever want to leave…

Go to and explore your deepest desires today.


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