Damian Maffei Joins The Cast of Tommy Faircloth Horror Flick ‘A Nun’s Curse.’

Damian Maffei has officially signed on to co-star in Tommy Faircloth’s new horror flick, A Nun’s Curse. Shot under Horse Creek Productions and produced by Robert Zobel, A Nun’s Curse is expected to enter principal photography during the month of October in an abandoned, historic jail in South Carolina. Before Maffei was massacring families as The Man in the Mask in The Strangers: Prey at Night and appearing in the upcoming Eli Roth produced title Haunt, the actor starred in a string of independent horror hits including Closed for the Season and The House That Cried Blood.

Described as Saw meets The Breakfast Club, A Nun’s Curse will also star scream queen icon Felissa Rose, most known for her role as Angela in Sleepaway Camp. Damian and Felissa will be joined on screen by Gunner Willis, Kristi Ray and Erika Edwards. Who knows what’s in store for the cast and characters in Tommy Faircloth’s A Nun’s Curse, the highly anticipated, paranormal slasher film! Genre fans are so excited for this flick, in fact, that the project’s IndieGoGo campaign is 195% funded on the crowdfunding site with several days left to go. If you’d like a DVD copy of the completed film, Strangers merchandise signed by Damian Maffei, or a FaceTime session with Felissa Rose, donate to A Nun’s Curse here.

Tommy Faircloth is the mastermind behind Crinoline Head, Dollface and Family Possessions. Family Possessions was recently released worldwide by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Tommy and Robert Zobel founded the annual Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. Tony Rosen, known for creating the film adaption of the Annabelle doll, will be making key props for A Nun’s Curse.

Synopsis: A group of travelers find themselves stranded and forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned jail where a notorious nun named Sister Monday was once assigned. Sister Monday was suspected of murdering prisoners who were serving life sentences. Prisoners were found poisoned, gutted, throats slashed, but before she could be officially questioned…she disappeared. Once inside the jail, the travelers come face to face with their worst nightmare…and she is one twisted sister!

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