Blu Review – Sinfonia Erotica

Director – Jess Franco (Oasis of the Zombies, Tender Flesh)
Starring – Lina Romay (Vampyre Junction, Snakewoman), Susan Hemingway (Tropical Inferno, Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun), and Armando Borges
Release Date – 1980
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release. 3/5

I took a break from horror a few days back to check out some Blaxploitation and sexploitation before returning to the genre that has controlled my life.  I decided to check out the recent Severin release of Eaten Alive!  This was a slow burning Italian cannibal flick that had the same story as all the others with very little originality.

I went back to my review stack and saw another Severin flick in there.  I decided to keep it going with another Severin flick.  This time I went with the sleazy Jess Franco flick Sinfonia Erotica which was inspired by the works of Marquis de Sade.  Thank you Severin for sending this one my way to check out!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a wealthy woman who is released from a mental hospital and returns home to find her husband having a homosexual relationship with a teenage boy and a nun. Her arrival complicates their love triangle and they conspire to remove her from the equation but things become more complicated than they expected and a series of events arise from her unexpected arrival.**Spoiler Alert**

Jess Franco is always hit or miss with me.  Some of his films are outstanding while others are difficult to make it through.  Sinfonia Erotica was not one of those films.  I was glued to the television trying to figure out what would happen next.

The acting in this one is decent.  The film is subtitles so a lot of my time and energy was spent reading the film over watching it.  The cast does a solid job but some of the acting is lost in the dialogue.  It is still fun to watch the cast take on their characters and move the film along.

The story for this one is a simple story made complicated by the amount of things going on.  The film is able to pull the audience in and hold their attention very well which is more than what most movies can do.

Finally, this isn’t a bloody flick for you horror fans.  Instead, it is an erotic exploitation flick for you sleazy movie fans.  Overall, Sinfonia Erotica may not be the best Jess Franco film but it was damn sure fun to watch.  Fans should really check this one out!

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