Nathan Oliver Wants You To Find ‘Absolution’ in 2019.

ABSOLUTION is about a man searching for redemption but finding judgement instead. Luther has messed up. Bad. At his most desperate hour, he finds a neon sign over the door of a church a hopeful symbol. He goes to confess his sins to Father Quint, who hears Luther out just long enough to decide that he is the man God has promised to bring his flock of followers into the light. Father Quint bludgeons Luther unconscious, drags him to the basement, then prepares his congregation to lead him to the light. In the final act, Luther escapes his torturous imprisonment only to find Father Quint and his followers ready to exact the Lord’s vengeance upon him. However, this may be exactly what Luther needs.

Nathan’s previous film, Lady Psycho Killer, traveled all over North America on the festival circuit. It premiered at Fantasia International Film Festival and ended its festival run at the San Francisco Indie Fest the following year. After that, it was picked up for distribution by Parade Deck Films and sales by WowNowEntertainment. It is currently available on Showtime nation-wide and was even the mystery bonus blu-ray in the famed HorrorPack subscription service. These are the first places we will be hitting up to have Absolution brought to a world-wide audience. And that audience starts with you!

We have all of the material items to make this motion picture a reality. The writer/director/producer, Nathan Oliver, owns and operates NOProductions, a full-service production company. Not only do we have access to high end equipment but also all of the people Nathan has met through his 10+ years making films. Rehearsals and base camp will be at the NOProductions office at SoPoCo.Works in South Portland, Maine. The film will be shot on RED and Black Magic cameras owned by NOProductions. Post will be handled in 4k on NOProductions post-production equipment. All of that is already in place. Our goal is to raise money to pay the folks who help us make the movie and we need to purchase Production/E&O insurance. We need to feed everyone good food. We need to make sure that everyone that helps Luther reach Absolution doesn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for the experience.

To donate to Absolution and find the full list of perks, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)