The Amazing West Virginia Cryptid Art of Liz Pavlovic Design

West Virginia is a state full or myth and lore.  Anyone familiar with the state is surely familiar with the tales of the Mothman, Braxton County Monster, Grafton Monster, and the tabloid hero Bat Boy just to name a few.

I was born and raised in this wild state and these stories have peaked my interest and worked my imagination for almost 30 years now with no signs of slowing down.

A few months back I was vending at the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant when I crossed paths with West Virginia artist Liz Pavlovic.  Her work was amazing and I had to grab a few pieces for my collection.  She is an amazing artist with a unique look at the state which is reflected in her art.

Fans of cryptids and especially West Virginia cryptids should check out her etsy page below!


Written by Blacktooth

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