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Panic Fest Film Festival Announces its Schedule for 2019 Edition

Panic Fest takes place January 24th-31st in Kansas City MO

Kansas City, MO based PANIC FEST has announced its schedule for the weekend portion of it’s annual film festival. The weekend is stacked with premieres, repertory, podcasts, and Q&As not to be missed if you’re in the KC area. I will be covering the event to report in on the films popping up this festival season that you need to keep on your radar. Panic Fest is one of the most fun festivals I’ve had the pleasure of attending, and this year’s lineup is beyond stacked. Take a look at the schedule below. Panic Fest runs from January 24th-27th, with week day screenings running through the 31st. Tickets are available here:


Mystery Film Game Show – 7pm
Kindred Spirits Premiere – 9pm


St Agatha – 3pm
Never Hike Alone – 3pm
Mega Time Squad – 3pm
Book of Monsters – 4:30pm
Never Hike Alone – 5:15pm
Nightmare Junkhead Podcast – 6:30pm
Gags – 7pm
Book of Monsters – 7:15pm
Mega Time Squad – 9:15pm
Lords of Chaos – 9:15pm


Short Film Showcase Block 1 – 12:30pm
Perfect Skin – 12:30pm
Luz – 12:45pm
Short Film Showcase Block 2 – 2:30pm
Starfish – 3pm
Gags – 3pm
The Luring – 4:45pm
House of Sweat and Tears – 5:10pm
Horror Virgin Podcast – 5:30pm
Cult Podcast – 7pm
Beetlejuice – 7:30pm
The Wind – 7:30pm
Perfect Skin – 9pm
One Cut of the Dead – 9:30pm
Friday the 13th Part VIII – Live Script Reading – 9:30pm


One Cut of the Dead – 1pm
Short Film Showcase Block 1 – 1pm
To Tokyo – 1:15pm
Short Film Showcase Block 2 – 3:15pm
Level 16 – 3:15pm
Empathy Inc – 3:15pm
Starfish – 5:30pm
To Tokyo – 5:30pm
Lords of Chaos – 5:30pm
Pledge – 5:30pm
The Wind – 7:15pm
Luz – 7:45pm
Sadistic Intentions – 8pm
The Golem – 9:15pm
Pledge – 9:15pm

January 28th-31st’s weekday schedule to be announced soon.

Matt Storc

(Chicago Events Coordinator) Matt Storc is a screenwriter and director from the great city of Chicago. He enjoys sharing movies with people almost as much as he enjoys making them. He also does a killer rendition of the other guy's part in Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" at karaoke."

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