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Based on the True Story, Sonia Escolano’s “House of Sweat and Tears” Lands US Digital Release on 5/20


“She’s the one who taught us how to love,” reads the epitaph on Amparo’s coffin.

Los Angeles, CA (May 11, 2019) – ROCK SALT RELEASING – Writer-Director Sonia Escolano’s eerie ‘HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS’ lands US release date of May 20th.

The rare-female voice in the horror entertainment sphere, Sonia Escolano’s (The Vampire in the Hole, Myna Has Gone, Cinq Minutes), HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS (aka Casa de sudor y Lágrimas) is a mesmerizing exploration of religion, belief and faith. Highly-stylized and bursting with unique shocks, HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS divulges the cults’ struggle to cope with the control, power and ultimate truth of their existence. Shot entirely in candlelight, Escolano’s ominous and mystifying atmospheric horror creates an aura of extreme uneasiness and ultimate fear of the cults lurking in the shadows.

“Writer and Director Sonia Escolano has created a very atmospheric and claustrophobic look into this cult and it is uncomfortable viewing especially for those of us that have subscribed to religion at various times,” wrote Haddon Field Horror.

As a trembling, elevated and atmospheric horror, HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS is based on the tale of a Spanish woman, Luz Amparo Cuevas, from the outskirts of El Escorial, located about 30 miles northwest of Madrid. Luz Amparo Cuevas first saw the Virgin in June 1981, leading to the faith-based phenomenon that united thousands, even after the charismatic leader’s death in August 2012. As a longtime controversy filled with unanswered questions, Telegraph UK reported that The Association of Victims of the Appearance of the Virgin of Dolores has lobbied the Catholic Church to stop the cult, claiming that 26 people have vanished since joining the foundation.

HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS follows “She” (Luz Amparo Cuevas), who assembles the world’s four corners into a violent, religious cult, including human nature’s randomly selected members – Ella (Alzira Gómez), Sophie (Coline Charvin), Emma (Padi Padilla), ​​Jérôme (Pablo Macho) and Ruth (Paula Mateu). Operating under strict sadistic leader, “She” violently tests her followers’ devotion through means of worshiping, fasting or cutting themselves. But when a dark, mysterious man plagues a member’s dream, causing her suicide, will “She” be able to maintain control of the cult? Or, will the mysterious outsider’s arrival set “She” and her followers onto a path of ultimate destruction?

Eerie and unsettling, “The cult members pray, hang onto She’s every word and self-harm to prove their devotion. Everyone dresses in all white, abstains from sex, has no contact with the outside world and plays make believe games for recreation,” wrote Set The Tape.

HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS was one of sixteen projects selected for the 2018 Cannes’ Frontières Platform and also screened at the Buyers Showcase, with top recognition from the Spanish government in support of promoting excellent Spanish cinema worldwide. Continuing to rack-up accolades worldwide, Escolano’s atmospheric horror was prestigiously nominated for Best Fantastic Feature at Fantastic Fest 2018, receiving its world premiere and East Coast premiere at the 2018 Brooklyn Horror Film Fest, awarded Best Feature Film for FIFFLONDON November Edition 2018 Winners. Recently, Escolano’s film was awarded Best Feature Film for the January 2019 Monthly Edition Oniros Film Award (OFA) Winners in Italy.

Produced in Spain by Sonia Escolano and Francisco Javier González from Sudo y lágrimas Films, ROCK SALT RELEASING will bring the atmospheric horror to digital streaming platforms in May 20th (Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, FANDANGO, Vudu, FlixFling, Google Play, Sony, XBOX, Vimeo on Demand, AT&T and Sling/Dish). Watch the trailer for HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS here.

With exceptional cinematography by Pepe De La Rose (Hubo un lugar), HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS stars Eudald Font (The Hunter’s Prayer, I Love Her), Pablo Suárez (De Agua y Fuego, Cold Skin, Realive), actress and producer, Haydée Lysander (Black Hollow Cage, Cinq minutes) and Alzira Gómez (Adeu, Barcelona, Salvacion). The film’s fantastic cast includes Paula Mateu, Padi Padilla, Pablo Macho and Coline Charvin.

HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS (2018, 104 min.) Written and Directed by Sonia Escolano. Edited by: Rubén Domínguez. Produced by: Sonia Escolano, Paco González. Cinematographer: Pepe De La Rosa. Original sounds by: Roberto H.G., Javier Ángel Morillo, Aarón J. Pozo and Carlos Ruiz. Spain; Spanish, French. Sudo y lágrimas Films SL, ROCK SALT RELEASING.
Producers: Sonia Escolano, Francisco Javier González – Sudo y lágrimas Films SL

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)