Child’s Play ’19 Notches Highest Opening Week Sales for Series

The numbers are in! And while the Child’s Play remake failed to best summer blockbusters in theaters, it still managed to achieve moderate success in its own right. Child’s Play was the third highest grossing movie the week, coming in with a domestic ticket sales total of $19,128,000. The remake was produced on a budget of $35,000,000 (filming + promotion) and I don’t foresee this title having trouble making that money back. Child’s Play also had the highest first week sales in the series, besting Bride of Chucky by almost $5,000,000. I’ve provided numbers for every Chucky movie at the bottom of this post including placement in theaters, opening week sales and final theatrical run.

Elsewhere in theaters, Annabelle Comes Home was able to semi-debut in the #6 spot with $10,834,000 based on its early release and its first three days in theaters. Unless word of mouth kills it (it was very blah to me), Annabelle Comes Home should be a big success for horror this summer. It was made for $52,000,000 and will more than likely make most of that back in week one. Then, The Dead Don’t Die continues to do very well despite being a small release; with an extra $1,700,000 made in ticket sales and bringing its cumulative to $5,359,000. And Killer Unicorn finishes its second week in theaters with a placement of #56 and #7,000 in sales.

As far as home media is concerned, the only news worth reporting is that Fear the Walking Dead saw its second least watched episode so far. 4.12 was the lowest with 1,520,000 live viewers, but this week’s episode – 5.4 – saw only 1,660,000 live viewers. And The Prodigy’s first week Blu-ray/DVD sales have been reported at $177,000 thus continuing this horror movie’s lackluster roll-out.

This Week in Horror
3 NEW Child’s Play $19,128,000
6 NEW Annabelle Comes Home $10,834,000
9 6 Godzilla: King of Monsters $5,885,000 (Total: $104,530,000)
15 12 The Dead Don’t Die $1,731,000 (Total: $5,359,000)
16 10 Ma $1,647,000 (Total: $44,197,000)
28 18 Brightburn $141,000 (Total: $17,300,000)
56 49 Killer Unicorn $7,000 (Total: $24,000)

Child’s Play Series Numbers
Child’s Play ’88 – #1 – $9,618,000, $33,244,000
Child’s Play 2 – #1 – $13,113,000, $28,501,000
Child’s Play 3 – #2 – $6,669,000, $14,960,000
Bride of Chucky – #2 – $14,332,000, $32,383,000
Seed of Chucky – #6 – $10,218,000, $17,083,000
Curse of Chucky – Home Media Only – Current Total: $3,764,000
Cult of Chucky – Home Media Only – Current Total: $2,157,000

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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