Annabelle Comes Home, Child’s Play Remain Top 10 Heading into July

Thanks to a full seven days in theaters, Annabelle Comes Home jumped to the #3 spot in theaters this week with $29,572,000 in ticket sales. Annabelle Comes Home was produced on a budget of $55,000,000 (production + promotion), and it will probably cross that mark in the next week. With that said, I have a feeling this title will be the lowest grossing entry in The Conjuring franchise. I’ve included the debuting spot, title, first nine days in theaters total and domestic cumulative gross for each movie at the bottom of this post. Did you see Annabelle Comes Home yet? What do you think?

In its second week in theaters, the Child’s Play remake slipped all the way to the #9 spot with $6,133,000 and this is a good indication that it will only spend two weeks within the top ten. Its second week drop was a 68% decline, which is a little high considering most movies fall 60-65% in their second week. Child’s Play was produced on a budget of $35,000,000 (production + promotion), and it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to cross that number since it may be plummeting worse next week. It only has $10,000,000 left until it becomes lucrative, so fingers crossed it can accomplish that.

In case you were wondering, the first week sales numbers are in for Happy Death Day 2U. Its Blu-ray/DVD profits are reported at just $813,000. Also, “Fear the Walking Dead” saw a small boost in live viewers this week. 1,710,000 people watched episode 5.6, which is up 50,000 from last week.

Horror in Theaters 6/28 to 7/4:
3 6 Annabelle Comes Home $29,572,000 (Total: $40,407,000)
9 3 Child’s Play $6,133,000 (Total: $25,261,000)
12 NEW Midsommar $4,352,000
13 9 Godzilla: King of Monsters $2,925,000 (Total: $107,456,000)
20 15 The Dead Don’t Die $747,000 (Total: $6,116,000)
21 16 MA $741,000 (Total: $44,938,000)
50 56 Killer Unicorn $6,000 (Total: $30,000)

Conjuring Franchise Numbers:
#1 The Nun $80,439,000 (Total: $117,450,000)
#1 The Conjuring $77,507,00) (Total: $137,400,000)
#1 The Conjuring 2 $67,528,000 (Total: $102,470,000)
#1 Annabelle: Creation $59,907,000 (Total: $102,292,000)
#2 Annabelle $57,772,000 (Total: $84,273,000)
#6 Annabelle Comes Home $40,407,000

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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