Midsommar Re-Peaks at #6 with $10,000,000 in Ticket Sales

It was a weird week at the box office with a lot going on.

As of this Thursday, Annabelle Comes Home officially recouped its entire production and promotional costs, which means any ticket sales made after this point is strictly money in the bank for Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. However, it should be noted that, whether due to bigger blockbusters or bigger hype, Annabelle Comes Home is going to be a far cry from its predecessors total. It could be that the cow has run dry and there’s nothing left to milk from the Annabelle story. And I’m fine with it being a trilogy!

Midsommar jumps into the top six movies in theaters thanks to a full week on the books. It sees more than 3x its ticket sales compared to last week and has made back its production costs, which I saw listed as $10,000,000. All it needs is another $10,000,000 to cover promotion and advertising and it’ll be another big hit for Ari Aster; although, same with Annabelle Comes Home, I don’t foresee it doing nearly as much sales as Aster’s previous hit, Hereditary.

Elsewhere on the chart, Child’s Play is in trouble of being a commercial failure as it falls out of the top ten. It still has about $8,000,000 left to make to be lucrative and I don’t think it has that left in the tank. Following on the heels of Seed of Chucky, this would be the second disappointment in the Child’s Play series sales-wise. Also, I’ll Take Your Dead debuts at #73 with $3,000 in first week sales.

And in case you’re wondering how the return of “Scream: The TV Series” (now going as Scream: Resurrection) went on VH1… Well, the first night didn’t do too shabby, but the following night saw more than half of the live viewership tune out. Still, it did better than season two.

Scream: Resurrection Numbers
Episode 1 – 790,000
Episode 2 – 600,000
Episode 3 – 400,000
Episode 4 – 340,000
Episode 5 – 380,000
Episode 6 – 330,000

Box Office This Week
4 3 Annabelle Comes Home $14,823,000 (Total: $55,210,000)
6 12 Midsommar $10,514,000 (Total: $14,855,000)
12 9 Child’s Play $2,463,000 (Total: $27,725,000)
13 13 Godzilla: King of Monsters $1,269,000 (Total: $108,732,000)
25 22 The Dead Don’t Die $294,000 (Total: $6,411,000)
27 23 MA $272,000 (Total: $45,211,000)
73 NEW I’ll Take Your Dead $3,000

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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