Crawl Defies Expectations With Second Week Sales

Horror’s slowing down at the box office recently. Here’s hoping that 47 Meters Down and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will give us something to talk about in the coming weeks.

Crawl defied typical box office statistics and only fell one spot in its second week with just a 43% decline in ticket sales. A normal second week drop is between 60-65%. Its current domestic theatrical total is $27,462,000 and it will undoubtedly cover its entire production budget by the end of this weekend. Crawl is one of the most successful creature features of the decade, all without the inclusion of hurricanes throwing sharks. Annabelle Comes Home also fell just one spot on the chart and its total is $68,176,000. It’s going to start dropping any day now, but it’ll be interesting to see if it crosses Annabelle‘s (2014) cumulative. Only $16,000,000 away.

Elsewhere on the chart, Midsommar is still under-performing, and now that the initial shock is over, I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews hit the internet. Its current sales total is $23,543,000 and with just $2,660,000 made this week, I’m unsure if it’ll cross its $30,000,000 production cost mark. I don’t think any of us predicted it will sell so moderately. At least it did better statistically than Child’s Play, whose #29 placement this week keeps it far away from crossing its $35,000,000 production cost. Did you prefer Crawl over Annabelle Comes Home, or Midsommar over Child’s Play? Hit up the comments section and let me know.

This Week at the Box Office:
4 3 Crawl $9,627,000 (Total: $27,462,000) $28/29
8 7 Annabelle Comes Home $4,254,000 (Total: $68,176,000)
10 8 Midsommar $2,660,000 (Total: $23,543,000) $30
23 19 Godzilla: King of Monsters $279,000 (Total: $109,712,000)
29 16 Child’s Play $215,000 (Total: $28,873,000)
84 93 I’ll Take Your Dead $1,000 (Total: $6,000)

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)