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Murder Is Such a Drag, but This Death Drop Gorgeous Teaser Trailer Isn’t!

I’m glad that queer film-makers are starting to rise through ranks and produce content specifically aimed at their intended audience. We’ve seen the same story-lines over and over again, and now I’d like to see them covered in latex, glitter and fake eyelashes. Horror fans will get a healthy dose of all of the above with upcoming drag queen slasher Death Drop Gorgeous. The teaser trailer for the feature length exploitation flick dropped yesterday, and you can watch it for yourself at the bottom of this article.

But the teaser comes with a very descriptive warning! It reads, “Death Drop Gorgeous is a blood bath of hysteria, drenched in the macabre and seeping with the gay agenda. This cinematic nightmare should NOT be viewed by the youth or the impressionable for they may leave the theatre completely snatched and tucked. Death Drop Gorgeous is a tale of murder and mayhem, lust and depravity, plagued with acts of abomination.” Well, then… Sign me up!

Inspired by old-school Giallo films, John Waters (Hairspray, Serial Mom) and the great slashers of the 1980’s, Death Drop Gorgeous was written and directed by Michael Joseph Ahern, Chris Dalpe and Brandon Perras-Sanchez. The film is executive produced by Philip Gelatt (Love Death & Robots, Europa Report) and Victoria Dalpe. It’s set in the gay nightlife of Providence, Rhode Island and mixes dark humor, crime-mystery and supernatural elements; and follows young gay men from a local drag club who are stalked and lured to their deaths on a dating app called POUNDR. When bodies begin turning up, completely void of blood, the club’s owner and two crooked detectives team up to get to the bottom (or top) of these murders.

Death Drop Gorgeous will feature special effects by Scott C. Miller and Victoria Elizabeth Black of the hit show Dragula, which was recently announced to premiere its new season on Amazon Prime. The film stars Michael McAdam/Payton St. James, Wayne Gonsalves, Johnny Sederquist/Ninny Nothin’ and Sean Murphy. The movie’s soundtrack, a mix of dark wave, punk, noise rock, and dance pop will feature Bright Light Bright Light, Gem Club, Nick Sadler of Daughters, Jackie Kamel, Beta Motel and many more. The film will be scored by Devon Hunt.

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