Ready or Not Debuts Low, Scary Stories Makes Bank.

With its first full week in theaters, horror-thriller-comedy Ready or Not comes in at #5 at the box office, but sees low sales for a summer movie. It notched just $11,448,000 in ticket sales; bringing its cumulative total to $14,476,000. Produced on a budget of $31,000,000 (production + promotion), Ready or Not should make all of its money back by the time it exits theaters, but it’s going to struggle to get there… if it does at all. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, on the other hand, has officially made back all of its costs and has already added an extra $2,000,000 to the bank. It’ll be interesting to see if it can hold out over the holiday weekend to stay in the top ten for a fourth week.

Elsewhere on the chart, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged continues to under-perform in theaters; which is a shame because I heard a lot of people say it was better than its predecessor. It’s currently $20,000,000 below its production costs, and it’s never going to make its money back. Just like Midsommar is metaphorically dead in the water. But you know which movie keeps swimming? Piranhas! Thanks to a re-release, it’s currently seeing a small up-tick in sales and jumped into the top 80 films in theaters. Piranhas isn’t going to make any big money movies, but I’m happy that a new audience can get enjoyment out of the low budget creature feature.

5 15 Ready or Not $11,448,000 (Total: $14,476,000)
8 5 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark $8,131,000 (Total: $52,620,000)
10 7 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood $7,435,000 (Total: $126,622,000)
11 8 47 Meters Down: Uncaged $5,333,000 (Total: $16,748,000)
29 27 Crawl $174,000 (Total: $38,870,000)
35 34 Midsommar $84,000 (Total: $26,064,000)
74 103 Piranhas $2,000 (Total: $19,000)

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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