Jim Gaffigan and Marin Ireland in “Light From Light”

Opens November 1st in New York at the Quad Cinema; November 8th in Los Angeles at Landmark’s Nuart


Gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams and a lifelong interest in the paranormal, Shelia (Marin Ireland) is asked to investigate a potential haunting at a Tennessee farmhouse. It’s there she meets Richard (Jim Gaffigan), a recent widower who believes his wife may still be with him. The investigation that ensues — which eventually pulls in Shelia’s son, Owen and his classmate Lucy — forces them to confront the mysteries of their own lives.

TRT: 82 min.

Director: Paul Harrill

Screenwriter: Paul Harrill

Cast: Marin Ireland, Jim Gaffigan, Josh Wiggins, Atheena Frizzell, David Cale

Producers: James M. Johnston, Kelly Williams, Toby Halbrooks, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Headington, Theresa Page Steele

Executive Producers: Jonathan Duffy, David Lowery

Co-Producers: Amy Hubbard, Michael Mobley

Director of Photography: Greta Zozula

Editor: Courtney Ware

Written by Blacktooth

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