It: Chapter 2 Falls to #5 After 2 Weeks at #1.

After spending two weeks in the #1 spot, It: Chapter 2 slips four spots thanks to a number of new releases. While the first movie also managed to maintain the #1 spot for two weeks in September 2017, It: Chapter 2 only grossed $183,571,000 in its first three weeks; while It was much higher with $272,000,000. There’s a number of reasons why the new adaption of the Stephen King film is slightly under-performing. For starters, the sophomore slump is real and it’s effecting this film. Secondly, word of mouth is hurting It: Chapter 2, as most people think it’s too long and relies to heavily on flashbacks. Regardless, It: Chapter 2 already made back all of its money ($79,000,000 production + $30,000,000 promotion) and is a big hit for Warner Bros./New Line Cinema.

There’s not much else going on with the chart worth mentioning this week. Let’s see how things heat up with the release of Gemini Man, The Dead Center, Zombieland 2, Double Tap and Countdown in October

2 NEW Ad Astra $25,382,000
5 1 IT: Chapter 2 $21,600,000 (Total: $183,571,000)
14 12 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark $1,197,000 (Total: $66,027,000)
16 11 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood $971,000 (Total: $138,485,000)
24 16 Ready or Not $306,000 (Total: $28,336,000)
27 24 48 Meters Down: Uncaged $215,000 (Total: $21,845,000)
35 27 Annabelle Comes Home $75,000 (Total: $74,124,000)
50 40 Midsommar $30,000 (Total: $27,426,000)
62 60 One Cut of the Dead $17,000 (Total: $42,000)
97 112 Piranhas $700 (Total: $20,000)

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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