An Evil Child Shows His Bloody Streak in Ballet Blanc this November 8th

Indican Pictures will bring Anne-Sophie Dutoit’s Ballet Blanc to theatres, this November. A bloody horror film, Dutoit’s latest focuses on a young boy, left behind by his ballet troupe. Developed to be evil, this boy is now out on a reign of terror. Dutoit is one of youngest directors in the horror genre, with her first screenplay written at sixteen and her first feature shot at eighteen. This latest film is set to scorch screens across U.S. theatres, in just a few days.

Dutoit has brought her own experience, from the ballet world, to the screen. Working on the idea of a performer turned evil by their instructor, this director explores a bloody, violent world as seen in the film’s first teaser. Now, only one force can stop this child (Colter Carlbom-Mann), or there is no more hope for good.

Ballet Blanc will screen in a few select theatres, this November 8th. Initially, the film will debut in: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago – possibly followed by several more theatres later this month. In January, Ballet Blanc will show on DVD and on Digital platforms as Indican Pictures makes the film available in ever more markets. Horror fans can view more on Dutoit’s most vicious film to date, right here.

Written by Blacktooth

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