Film Festival and BloodList Favorite “Prey” Now on Vimeo

Writer/director Bill Whirity has released his well-received short film, Prey, on Vimeo. After screening at Palm Springs Shortfest, Screamfest, Overlook Film Festival, Cleveland International, Calgary I and Newport Beach, and being the first film featured on BloodList’s Fresh Bloodselect, you can now watch Prey in all of its glory at the bottom of this post.

Produced by Michael May with executive producer Boman Modine, Prey finds a young couple leaving the movie theater after enjoying a scary movie date. As they make it to the parking garage, they’re stalked, attacked and almost ran-over by a vehicle with sinister intentions. After escaping the madness, they think their trouble is over, but the nightmare is just beginning. Jacob Zachar, Jessica Cook, James Sieczka, Monte LaMonte and Kim House star in Prey.

A five minute picture featuring cinematography by Edd Lukas, editing by Kayla M. Emter and special FX by Sheila Seifi, Prey is one of the best short films to hit Vimeo this year. It’s worth a view, especially this evening, and I think you’ll be blown away by its production value. It has major Christine vibes mixed with… well, I can’t ruin the twist. See for yourself below.

PREY from Bill Whirity on Vimeo.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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