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Trashploitation – Nurse Girls Dorm: Shamed Angel (Review)

Director – Yasuhiro Horiuchi (8 Man, Immoral Sisters)
Starring – Ai Kobayashi (Hard Rape, Lolita Ecstasy), Kissei Kumamoto (Closing Time, Romantic Mania), and Mami Ogawa (Slave Ship, Angel to be Sacrificed)
Release Date – 1987
Rating – 3/5

You can’t just watch one sleazy movie. When the mood hits you can count yourself digging through three or four at a time! A few days ago I tossed in the film Zoom Up: Graduation Photo from Impulse Pictures. The film is part of their Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection. This Asian sexploitation flicks are always simple in terms of story but never overly sexual.

I’ve enjoyed my fair share of these so after watching one I decided it was time to toss in another one. The next film I went with is the 1987 Nurse Girls Dorm: Shamed Angel. I once again want to thank Impulse and CAV for sending this one m way.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a young woman who wants is an aspiring nurse. She moves into the nurse’s dorm and dedicates herself to her work. However, she soon finds herself involved romantically with a much older doctor and her life is thrown for a loop.**Spoiler Alert**

You don’t expect a lot from these films. Sleaze and a somewhat decent story similar to a day time soap is about all these films are but for some reason they really work. Nurse Girls Dorm: Shamed Angel was not the most entertaining of the Nikkatsu films but it was still some fun.

The acting in this one is what you would expect. They deliver dramatic performances that is mostly serious in tone but once the film take the sexual turn it does get a little cheesy. The characters are all cliched for this style of film but it doesn’t make it a bad watch. Just unintentionally funny at times.

The story for this one works for what it is but don’t expect a compelling story with your sexploitation. It has some drama, some romance, and a lot of exploitation. It does entertain but I don’t see myself revisiting this one any time soon.

Finally, you wouldn’t want to toss this one in expecting blood and gore. However, if sexy women and an unrealistic story is your thing then you are in luck. Overall, Nurse Girls Dorm: Shamed Angel is a fun watch if you are in the mood for some sleaze but it’s not one that will stick with ya. You can check it out now on DVD from Impulse Pictures.


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