Review: KVT Productions’ “Body Farm”

I’m excited that Body Farm has enjoyed a successful film festival run and is now available on VOD and digital. A collaboration between KVT Productions and Nickel 17 Films, Body Farm somehow makes you feel claustrophobic in an open area and begs you not to trust anyone that’s still breathing. Written by Brandon Keenan, the new film follows a duo of close friends who investigate a story centered around a facility that studies human decomposition. When footage from a previous investigation becomes reality for the friends, they begin to uncover a shady business with an alternative motive in their back pocket. What’s happening in the halls of the facility and are all the bodies really “donated’ for science? Brandon Keenan, Nick LaMantia, Dave Petti, Genevieve Weiss, Brett Hollabaugh and Brian Stowell star in a feature film that tackles organ harvesting in the worst way.

Body Farm is directed by Brandon Keenan and Nick LaMantia, with Steven Croner serving as cinematographer and Keenan serving as editor. John Gallagher and Lamantia produced. The film also features original music from UFC composer Mikey Rukus. First, I want to say that I’m so glad this was done as a narrative film instead of found footage; because the synopsis had be believing otherwise. Second, I’m happy that the picture quality was on the higher side for an independent feature. Still, it contained just enough haziness and distortion to add a layered effect to the atmosphere that surrounded the characters like a straight-jacket. The behind-the-scenes departments worked together in tandem to ensure that Body Farm felt as gritty, fevered, creepy and mysterious as it promised to be. Although, I will say the special effects ranged from awesome to just “meh.”

I think my only complaint is that I find it difficult to slap a horror film label on this title. It’s more of a thriller mixed with a really, really, really dark drama. At times, it even takes a slight dip into the science fiction pool. Hell, it even becomes a psychological mind-fuck at times. The same way I wouldn’t consider Get Out  to be a true horror film, I wouldn’t consider Body Farm one because it’s deeper and more story-driven than anything within the genre. It has so many elements and plot twists and doesn’t solely capitalize on blood and gore. This isn’t a terrible thing, no, it’s a compliment. Slapping a horror label on Body Farm would be easy, but I think it has more to offer than cheap gratification. It has great acting, an intensity that grows over time, and an original story-line that’ll make you doubt every unmarked medical building you see for the rest of your life. Some secrets are better left uncovered, but Body Farm is a film that deserves to be seen, especially if you’re looking for a dark thriller from a group of exceptionally talented film-makers.

Body Farm is now available on Amazon, DirectTV, Apple TV/iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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