Holiday Themed Horror Film FEASTER SUNDAY Releases New Trailer

Synopsis: 20 years ago in a small town, a local community theatre putting on their annual passion play experienced a tragedy at the hands of their Jesus. He was told that they are replacing him, and as a true method actor he gave his final performance by massacring everyone on stage. Flash forward to present day where a new eccentric theatre director is bringing back the Passion Play to the same theatre with his own unique vision. Though someone dressed as the Easter Bunny is murdering actors in the show one by one….also there’s a dumb love story between a girl and some guy she knew in high school who makes puppet shows in his living room.

Mad Ghoul Entertainment Presents
In Association with Rock Bottom Video
Starring Allison Maier (Space Babes from Outer Space, Jessies Super Norman Regular Average Day)
Brian Papandrea (Fangboner, 13 Fanboy)
Patrick Dear (Chubbies, The Bleak)
Terence Cover (Gay For Pray, Heavy Mental)
Sadie Tate (The Big F, Space Babes)
Dave Parker (Plank Face, and a bunch of Dustin Mills movies, I think)
Dustin Mills (made a bunch of Dustin Mills movies)
Executive Producer Robb Pastor
Written & Directed by Brian Papandrea

Trailer edited by Terence Cover
Teaser Artwork by HagCult

Written by Blacktooth

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