Bonejangles (Review)

Director – Brett DeJager (The Legend of Cooley Moon, 10/31)
Starring – Kelly Misek Jr. (The League of Ordinary Gamers, My Crazy Ex), Jamie Scott Gordon (The Devil’s Machine, Outlander), and Hannah Richter (Hot Tub Time Machine, The Courier)
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 3.5/5

Tagline – “When bones rattle, blood will flow”

Over the weekend I treated myself to an indie horror marathon. I’ve spent a great deal of my time watching Andy Sidaris action flicks and the occasional big budget horror production here and there. I wanted to return to my indie roots and this time I decided to throw myself a Wild Eye party.

I went through my review stack and decided that the first film in my marathon would be the 2017 horror comedy Bonejangles from director Brett DeJager. DeJager is no stranger to Horror Society and my reviews. He has contributed segments to both 10/31 anthologies. I want to thank Wild Eye for sending this one my way and I’m sorry it took so long to get to it.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows two officers who is tasked with transporting notorious supernatural serial killer Bonejangles to a facility that is capable of holding him. Normal weapons can’t kill Bonejangles and they need a facility that will hold him. Their travel takes them halfway which is the hometown of one of the officers which is hiding a secret. Once a year the dead rise from their grave and they are controlled by an evil succubus. **Spoiler Alert**

I’ve been sitting on this release for sometime and I can’t give you an honest answer as to why. Honestly, I really enjoyed the film and rumors of a sequel on the horizon gives me something to look forward to.

The acting in this one worked very well for the film. I really enjoyed most of the characters and the cast does a phenomenal job at bringing them to life. I’ll be upfront with all of you. I liked the characters so much that I immediately ran to imdb to see if they were making an appearance in the rumored sequel. This cast needs to make a return.

The story for this one blends slashers, zombies, witches, and humor. Sure, it does get a little sloppy at times and a few plot holes are lazily covered over but the end product is extremely fun. I loved the unkillable slasher that is unleashed on the undead and I really enjoyed the succubus angle as well. The comedy works to lighten up the scenes but the film still has some plot holes that are mentioned in passing as if these small statements fix them.

Finally, this isn’t the bloodiest zombie flick I’ve seen but I still really liked the practical and make-up effects. We get several on screen death that use some solid practical effects and some blood. The kills are not that memorable but they still work for the film. Overall, Bonejangle is far from perfect but it’s faults does not take away from the film. I really enjoyed it and I can see myself throwing this one on again soon. Fans of horror comedies will want to invest in this one. Check it out on DVD now from Wild Eye entertainment.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.