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Trashploitation – Undercover Vice: Strapped for Danger Part II

Director – Richard Griffin (Before the Night is Over, The Disco Exorcist)
Starring – Chris Fisher (Paragods, Dark Roast), Sean Brown (Gray Matter, Psychotica), and Johnny Sederquist (Future Justice, Seven Dorms of Death)
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 4/5

Tagline – “This time they’re going in deep”

I get a lot of off the wall movies in to review. Movies involving living placentas, musicals about incest, buttholes that are the gateway to other universes, haunted vibrators. There is always something exciting coming in for me to check out. Over the years director Richard Griffin has sent me some of the most memorable horror, sci-fi, comedies, and musicals to check out. His films are always creative but still have that throwback angle to films that most of us grew up renting from the video store.

Sometime ago Griffin released the comedy Strapped for Danger. It was an instant hit and one that I watched a few times before writing my review. Recently, Griffin announced a follow up. If it was half as funny as the first film I knew I would have to see it. A few nights back he contacted me to review Undercover Vice: Strapped for Danger Part II. I had planned on waiting until I was caught up to check it out but I couldn’t wait. The next night I had to watch it. Thank you Richard for all you do for Horror Society.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows two detectives that are tasked with going undercover. Several Republican politicians have been blackmailed by male escorts and the police has tracked them down to a porn production in town. The two must go undercover at porn stars in order to catch them red handed. **Spoiler Alert**

I’ll be completely honest…this is the funniest film Griffin has made to date. Everything about this movie was entertaining from the cast, characters, story, wardrobe, dialogue, and so on. I could totally see myself revisiting this one again and never becoming tired of it. It was absolutely entertaining.

The acting in this one is fantastic. I fucking loved all the characters and the cast does a phenomenal job at bringing them to life. I find myself often saying this about a Griffin film but if I wanted to take the time to acknowledge all the great performances I would be here all day listing the cast. I don’t know how he does it but he brings the best our of people and their performances are always memorable.

The story for this one is funny. It’s a buddy cop comedy for the LGBTQ community. I absolutely loved it and what it brought to the viewer. The characters and dialogue are very well written. The story is fully developed and flows very well. Honestly, Griffin has never let me down before but I have to say this is his best storytelling to date.

Finally, no blood and gore for you sick fucks. However, if you want some laughs and a solid story then this one is for you. Overall, Undercover Vice: Strapped for Danger Part II is a movie I highly recommend to indie film lovers. Everything about this one is brilliant. I laughed, cried, and saw penis. If you ever get the chance to check this one out I suggest you do so. You will not be disappointed.


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