Unearthed Toys MILOS from A SERBIAN FILM is in stock


Each unique figure is 7 3/4″ tall
All are handmade in the USA by Eric Fox of Fox FX Lab with exceptional detail to what gives Milos his unique talent
Signed and numbered by Stephen Biro
Limited to 100 in stock with the next 100 available in a month
There will be 3 ultra rare prototypes of the Milos figure available at a later time
Each figure comes with an exclusive 11″x17″ poster initialed and numbered by Stephen Biro for authenticity
Every toy shipped FREE!

Due to Stephen Biro’s exceptional experience with collector memorabilia, it’s always grinded his gears that you can’t open a toy or comic without ruining the packaging. We are excited to announce all the Unearthed Toys line will be available in packaging you can open and close without ruining the case or the collectability of the figure.


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