Pearls Daily,Actress,Showgirl and now Filmmaker makes her first move with “Briar”

From Burlesque to the silver screen, Pearls Daily (The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel,Minky Woodcock series) knows how to make an impact and with her first film “Briar” the actress is in the director’s seat. “Producing was something I thought I would do in the future” Pearls says “ But 2020 changed everything.The moment to make your mark is today. It’s exciting to be included in other people’s visions but it can’t hold a candle to you taking the reigns of your own”

“Briar” is an arthouse Thriller/Horror short film about Briar Hughes, a filmmaker with serial killer tendencies. When her best friend Gemma Ward (Maine Attraction) disappears after a date, Briar is determined to get revenge. It’s a screenplay Daily had been sitting on and it grew wings in shutdown. “Isolation is so scary and this character is alone in every way possible. This was her moment.”

The film was shot in the NYC apartment Daily shares with her husband, cinematographer Arthur Woo (Alberto and the Concrete jungle) who designed the lighting,did the camera work and the coloring for the film. “We really went to another level of DIY with this project” Daily laughs” Though the couple wore many hats on this film there was still room to bring others in for collaboration. The accomplished and eclectic cast includes The Maine Attraction (Pariah), Abe Goldfarb (The Horror at Gallery Kay), Anna Bridgeforth, Jonathan Burwell and an original score by Conrad Cliffton (Get Your Whole Life).

It’s exciting new territory for Daily who has spent most of her life onstage or in front of a camera. and it’s a challenge she is already taking head on and with style. “I have always loved scary stories the most and I’m so thrilled to be sharing mine with you.” “Briar” will be doing the festival circuit while pre-production starts for Daily’s next projects. Without a doubt, Pearls Daily is one to watch and “Briar” is just the beginning.


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