Slasher Sequel PRETTY BOY Announced for Twin Cities Film Fest!

Pretty Boy returns to TCFF as he continues to slash his way through Hollywood.

Continuing the story set in motion in Blind, Pretty Boy will have its Midwest premiere at the esteemed Twin Cities Film Festival. Pretty Boy will screen alongside star-studded films like Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast and Mike Mill’s C’mon C’mon, which features a poignant performance from Joaquin Phoenix.

“The Twin Cities Film Fest is phenomenal. We screened our film Blind there in 2019 and couldn’t have been more impressed with their professionalism and the quality of their festival. They are truly one of the best. It’s an honor to have our movie play alongside so many great films. To add to the experience, we are bringing a couple special guests. Jed Rowen, who plays Pretty Boy, will be there in costume for photos alongside Robert Felsted Jr. who plays Gary in the film.” – Marcel Walz, Director – Pretty Boy

Official synopsis PRETTY BOY: “Continuing the story set in motion in Blind, a masked slasher named Pretty Boy carries Faye, a Blind actress, from her home in the Hollywood Hills into the darkness of night. At the same time a Valentine’s Party is wrapping up. The colorful party is hosted by a record producer named Preston. The party is all but over, with only a few friends remaining including Rayna, an up-and-coming singer Preston desperately wants to work with. Pretty Boy, attracted by the bright lights, decides to crash the party where the bloodshed continues in a vivacious mix of gore and glamour that turns the location into a house of horror. But this may not be the only home in the neighborhood that has a story to tell.”


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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