Buffalo Dreams Returns Nov. 5 – 11

uffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival returns to Dipson Theatres’ Eastern Hills Cinema for in-person screenings, premieres, and filmmaker Q&As Fiday, November 5th – Thursday, November 11th. Filmmakers from around the country will attend and network with local artists and moviegoers. Over 90 films will screen, primarily from the genres of action, horror, science fiction, and animation. In addition, sound mixer Adam Bloch will receive the festival’s Local Hero Award for his many contributions to the western New York film community at the Dreamer Awards presentation held at the WBBZ TV studio in the Eastern Hills Mall on Sunday, November 7th.

Among the festival highlights:

– A 40th anniversary screening of Fear No Evil, an Omen-like horror film directed by Frank LaLoggia in Rochester, which programmers Greg Lamberson and Chris Scioli credit as the first horror feature produced in the area. Friday, Nov. 5th, 7 pm.

– The western New York premiere of New York Ninja, a campy martial arts film shot in New York City in 1984 and only completed this year, featuring the talents of Don “the Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock. Sat, Nov. 6th. 7 pm.

– The World Premiere of Self Isolated, a pandemic-related suspense thriller written and directed by Chad Ridgely, who will attend. Sat, Nov. 5th, 4:30 pm.

– The North American premiere of the thriller Mystery Spot, about travelers drawn to a mystical roadside attraction, written and directed by Mel House, who will attend. Sat, Nov. 6th, 9:30 pm.

– Clowns in the Woods, a comedic horror film directed by Rochester filmmakers Adrian Esposito and Curt Markham, who will attend. Sat, Nov. 6th, 1:30 pm.

– The NYS film festival premiere of The Last Frankenstein, filmed in Central New York, with writer-director David Weaver.

– Abyssal Spider, a Taiwanese film about a giant spider-crab hybrid that attacks the crew of a freighter, with outstanding special effects. Wed, Nov. 10th, 4 pm.

Advance tickets are available at, and All Festival Passes are available at the box office. Admission is $10 per screening, $20 for a Day Pass, and $70 for an All Festival Pass. Visit for additional details.


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