Exclusive – SRS Cinema Acquires Indie Kaiju Film UKTENA

SRS Cinema to launch limited edition bluray presales start in January, wide release on dvd and vod in summer.

Inspired by the Kaiju/Big Monster movies of the 50s/60s, this feature length film presents the saga of UKTENA. Based on the Native American myth of the “Horned Serpent”, Uktena is unleashed on the modern world by man’s lust and desire for riches and power. The great beast rains down death and destruction on everything in its path. Eighty feet tall, 200 tons of rage and fury. Can a Scientist, a Lawman and a Professor find the answer to stop the monster?

Extras supplied for DVD/BluRay: Trailer, Blooper reel, “Making A Monster” reel, 10 song soundtrack, short clip of harmonica duet
Running Time: 127 minutes
Color or B&W: COLOR
Production Format: 1080 HD
Year produced: 2021

Featuring David Treanor as UKTENA
Also Starring – Marc Bilker, Kyle Borthick, Jerry Roys, Merrian Johnson, Norman Hughes, Jon Romero, Paul Ibarra, Kayla Rose, Erica Brown, David Booker, Athena Bowker, Kathy Storch, Mark Brown, Matthew Delaney, Phillip Delaney, Ray Dunn, Bob Horn, Eff, Anthony Iacovangelo Jr., Brendan Treanor, Michael Hossler, Tim Molinaro, Eleanor Treanor, Karen Borthick
Directed by Dan Treanor, Assistant Director David Treanor
Screenplay by Dan Treanor and David Treanor
Edited by Dan Treanor and David Treanor
Sound Design by Dan Treanor and David Treanor
Produced by Dan, Eleanor and David Treanor
Propmaster – Norman Hughes
Music by Dan Treanor, David Treanor, Jon Romero, Michael Hossler, Richard Hunter
Suit and creature creation Dan Treanor and David Treanor
Cinematography by Dan Treanor, David Treanor, Eleanor Treanor


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