The Cheerleader Sleepover Slaughter (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo page:

Lori (Taylor Herd) is in her senior year at Carver high and would give anything to be on the cheer team. The girls in the squad are mean to Lori and won’t let her join the team. When Ali (Vera Marlowe), who is supposed to host the annual cheerleader sleepover goes missing, Lori steps up and invites the girls to her home for the sleepover. One by one the cheerleaders meet their demise, is Lori responsible or is there someone more sinister slaughtering the cheerleaders? It’s “Mean Girl’s” meets “The Slumber Party Massacre” in “The Cheerleader Sleepover Slaughter!” Tied in to the Gatorblade Films/Reaper Films smash hit “Die Die Delta Pi” “The Cheerleader Sleepover Slaughter” is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing til the final act!

We are raising finishing funds to bring you a slasher film that can be all it can be. The film is pretty much finished but we have VFX, some music and we need to create Bluray’s and DVD’s so everyone can enjoy our movie. All of this cost money. With your donation you get to choose from some awesome screen used props, autographed scripts, copies of the movie and the coolest perk, the actual signed cheerleader uniforms the girls wore in the movie! Plus you can be a producer on the film and your name will appear in the opening and ending credits of the movie and on imdb.

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