New Series Teaser Trailer for “HERBERT WEST: REANIMATOR”

The series will follow the journey of the infamous Herbert West as he navigates through a universe of Lovecraftian lore.

Herbert West: Reanimator stars Zan Alda (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) as the title character with the core cast including Mike Ferguson (Amityville Uprising, Beyond the Law), Jed Rowen (Pretty Boy, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X), and Tasha Tacosa (Predator World). Actors slated for recurring roles include Rachel Riley (Amber Road, The Lighthouse Keeper), Steve Wollett (Jack Be Nimble), Jackson Everest (ShadowMarsh, Bermuda Island, Camp Pleasant Lake), BJ Mezek (Death Count, Demons at Dawn), Lisa Hinds (Night of the Tommyknockers), and others! Additionally, legendary special FX artist Joe Castro will be creating some of the core effects for the show.

The creator of Herbert West: Reanimator, promises that the story will not only revolve around the tale of Herbert West, but plant seeds for the future and branch out into many additional directions sure to please fans of H.P. Lovecraft. Barsuglia reveals, “Our goal is to embrace the stories and characters of Lovecraft in ways that will honor the original work, appeal to the millions of Lovecraft fans, and introduce a new generation to the mythos.”

With production starting in October, Herbert West: Reanimator hopes to find a home with one of the major networks or streaming services.

Koa Aloha Media is an independent production company based in Huntington Beach. They are currently running a crowdfund campaign to add to the production budget to increase the scope of the show.

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