Serial Butcher music to be featured in yet another movie soundtrack

After our collaboration with movie director Lloyd Kaufman in his latest magnum opus Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 , released by TROMA in 2017 , we are once again extremely proud to have our music being featured in yet another movie!

“CEMENT: THE FINAL BRICK IN THE WALL “ the new twisted creation of Belgium’s finest cult movie director Rob Ceus /that will be released by Terrorvisions Production in the near future .

You may also know him from his other movies like , Dismembered , Slime , Zombies from sector 9 … which has gotten him rave reviews from the Razor Reel Flanders Film Fest and many other movie festivals.

“CEMENT: THE FINAL BRICK IN THE WALL “ is an insane love story between an incestuous couple that have been abused as children, now they are on a rampage to hell, raiding drug squads and what not….”

The movie is still currently under production and will contain music from Serial Butcher and many deathmetal and grind acts like , Blood Red Throne , Agathocles , Possession , Gorerotted , Works Of The Flesh and many more…meanwhile, here’s a teaser.

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Serial Butcher
Serial Butcher is a Deathmetal band from Belgium since 1995 that gained a cult status and has released several albums and also provided music for the soundtrack of the Troma Movie Return to return to nuke em high 2 in 2017 .

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