Film Submissions are Now Open for Devil’s Night Gallery

Let us gather once more in the Devil’s Night Gallery to witness the manifestation of art from the dark corners of the mind in dual forms.

It is now the year of our dark lord 2023 and we have started turning the rusted wheels to reopen the gallery doors. Film submisisons are now open and information regarding our 6th season event will be posted as soon as things are finalized. Keep an eye on this space and our Facebook Page.

For those who are new to this event, Devil’s Night Gallery is the only film festival in the world inspired by Rod Serling’s classic tv series, Night Gallery. The event features 10 short films in the spirit of the series, typically horror themed and with some sort of twist in the story. Each film has an original piece of art created for it by a local artist and is revealed by our terrible Rod Serling impersonator during the introduction to each film.


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