FABIO FRIZZI’s Zombie: Composer’s Cut LP, The Reimagined Iconic Horror Film Score, Is Out Now On Cadabra Records

FABIO FRIZZI’s Zombie: Composer’s Cut is out now on Cadabra Records, purveyors of nightmares on vinyl.

Lucio Fulci’s Zombie has maintained status as a cult favorite in the horror world for over forty years, and the score by FABIO FRIZZI undoubtedly holds top-tier status as one of the most iconic and influential horror film soundtracks of all time. Following FABIO FRIZZI’s international live performances for the Cadabra-released The Beyond: Composer’s Cut LP, Covid hit, and Italy shut down. At home with his instruments, the maestro began work on this new opus.

Zombie: Composer’s Cut is not just a re-recorded rendering of the classic score, nor is it a completely re-imagined version. Keeping the vision of the original at the forefront, FRIZZI carefully orchestrates new music to this timeless score, infusing new elements to accent specific scenes in the film in the listener’s mind, while adhering to Fulci’s monstrous film.

The complete uncut score of FABIO FRIZZI’s Zombie: Composer’s Cut is here delivered in a plush vinyl edition, pressed on 150-gram colored vinyl in multiple variants, packaged in a deluxe heavyweight tip-on gatefold jacket, adorned in newly commissioned art by Jeremy Hush that starkly resembles the look of the original film and movie artwork. The inlay features brand new essays by Stephen Thrower and J. Blake Fichera, as well as liner notes from FRIZZI himself.

Stream FABIO FRIZZI’s Zombie: Composer’s Cut tracks “The Boat Can Leave Now, Tell The Crew” and “Paula’s Eye” RIGHT HERE.

Zombie: Composer’s Cut is now available at local record shops and at the Cadabra Records webshop HERE.


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