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TetroVideo and Goredrome Pictures September Releases

Gorehounds SRLS is proud to announce the TetroVideo and Goredrome Pictures september releases that are available for pre-order starting today.

Due to popular demand, TetroVideo is releasing the Orozco the Embalmer and the Shockumentary Collection, the “Trilogy of Death” (Orozco – The Embalmer, Junk Films and The Wasteland) by Kiyotaka Tsurisaki, together with the horror film Your Flesh Your Curse by Kasper Juhl, the extreme film Torment by Adam Ford and the giallo horror film Nightmare Symphony co-directed by Domiziano Cristopharo and Daniele Trani.
All of them are available for pre-order in a numbered limited edition Mediabook on TetroVideo and Goredrome Pictures official websites.

OROZCO THE EMBALMER and the Shockumentary Collection – Numbered Limited Edition Mediabook (Blu-ray + DVD + Booklet) – Cover A (150 copies);
YOUR FLESH YOUR CURSE – Numbered Ultralimited Edition Mediabook (2 DVD + Booklet) – 25 copies;
TORMENT – Numbered Ultralimited Edition Mediabook (DVD + Booklet) signed by the director – 50 copies;
NIGHTMARE SYMPHONY – Numbered Ultralimited Edition Mediabook (Blu-ray + Booklet) signed by the director – 50 copies.

Instead, the Goredrome Pictures releases are the cannibal horror film Eat (USA – 2014) by Jimmy Weber together with the extreme film Solitude of the Tormentors (Swiss – 2022) by Juval Marlon.
Now available in a new edition: the extreme anthology film Symbolicus Collection and the horror anthology film Tales to tell in the Dark.

EAT – Numbered Limited Edition Mediabook Cover A/B (2 Blu-ray + Booklet + 2 cards + Slipcover) – 150 copies;
SYMBOLICUS COLLECTION – Numbered Limited Edition Mediabook – Cover B (3 Blu-ray + Booklet + Card) – 150 copies;
TALES TO TELL IN THE DARK – Blu-ray + card

EAT by Jimmy Weber

Eat is a cannibal horror film written and directed by Jimmy Weber in 2014.
The story follows Novella McClure (Meggie Maddock), an aspiring 30 years old actress who hasn’t landed a role in three years. To top it all off, she’s developed a disturbing habit of eating her own flesh. Novella desperately tries to hide her strange condition from her motherly landlord, Eesha, and somewhat psychopathic best friend, Candice, but her body and mind continue to deteriorate in the depressing world of failed auditions and sketchy night clubs. Can a romantic relationship with her psychiatrist prevent her from self destruction? Or will her fatal habit continue to eat away at her?

Ali Frances, Maru Garcia, Jeremy Make and Dakota Pike star.

Disc 1: Eat and Audio commentary
Disc 2: Original Trailer, Making Of (75′), Photogallery


Written and directed by Juval Marlon (Torture Fetish), the horror extreme film Solitude of the Tormentors (aka Einöde der Peiniger) is a love letter to Marian Dora filmography and it’s the fifth film of the Abomination Collection series.
In Solitude of the Tormentors, Karla (Isa Bellé Fitzgerald) uses her profession, under the guise of a caretaker of the cognitive and mobility impaired, to gain access to powerless victims she can murder. She finds an unexpected partner in Morris, who also enjoys torturing helpless people.

Isa Bellé Fitzgerald (Snuff Tape Anthology), Jörg Wischnauski, Marco Klammer, Vlad Petrov, Maria V. and Sven Zinserling star.

Solitude of the Tormentors Bonus Features: Trailer; “Sommeridylle” short film; Photogallery.


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