Acclaimed international Film and TV actor ART MALIK, last seen in cinemas in Disney’s remake of THE LITTLE MERMAID, takes on the iconic role of DETECTIVE EDWARD BURKE, originated by movie legend LON CHANEY, in the audio movie reimagining of silent horror classic LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT.

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Scripted Audio Drama producers LANCE ROGER AXT (Audible’s THE X-FILES, EC COMICS PRESENTS… THE VAULT OF HORROR), JACK BOWMAN (Audible’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, the forthcoming UNSINKABLE with SUCCESSION’s BRIAN COX) and KENTON HALL (A DOZEN SUMMERS, GETTING BETTER: THE FIGHT FOR THE NHS) have meticulously adapted the original screenplay by Waldemar Young and Tod Browning as an immersive Dolby Atmos aural experience, with the recording taking place over two days at London’s iconic The Soundhouse.

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT is part murder mystery, part vampire thriller and part gothic ghost story as businessman Sir James Hamlin seeks to uncover the identities of the tenants living in the Balfour mansion, long neglected since the suicide of Roger Balfour five years earlier. But when all indications point to the tenants being vampires connected with that horrible night, family friend and Scotland Yard detective Edward Burke arrives to uncover the truth… which leads to a mystery of a very different kind…

The last known copy of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT was destroyed in the 1965 MGM Vault Fire and remains the Holy Grail of missing feature films. The original silent movie, released in 1927, was a box office smash grossing over $1 million at the box office while the infamous “monster” of the piece, THE MAN IN THE BEAVER HAT, became a horror icon inspiring creature and villain designs for modern horror hits The BABADOOK (2014) and THE BLACK PHONE (2021).

Axt, Bowman and Hall, under their banners POCKET UNIVERSE PRODUCTIONS (US), AUDIOMARVELS® (UK) and MONKEY BASKET ENTERTAINMENT (UK) respectively, have meticulously reimagined the lost horror classic in audio movie form with 21st-century production standards including Dolby Atmos mixing by RORY O’SHEA (New York Times best-seller EXPEDITIONARY FORCE: HOMEFRONT).

For an exclusive period, a double-gatefold vinyl edition with the original soundtrack score, along with a digital download of the Dolby Atmos audio movie, will be available, strictly limited to 301 copies worldwide. This package will be accompanied by contributions from JED SHEPHERD (HOST, DASHCAM, and a forthcoming feature with SAM RAIMI), alongside one of the BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE’s leading missing media experts, and another A-List Hollywood horror creative, to be announced.

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT also stars DAN STARKEY (Doctor Who) as Sir James, BETH EYRE (Wooden Overcoats, Circles) as Lucy Balfour, KENTON HALL (A Dozen Summers, Les Miserables) as Hibbs, DAVID BICKERSTAFF (Lost At Christmas) as Roger Balfour with DAVID K. BARNES (showrunner of Wooden Overcoats, Cry Havoc: Ask Questions Later), SARAH DORSETT, KARIM KRONFLI, ABI MCLOUGHLIN (Audible’s THE SANDMAN), CLIFF CHAPMAN and JACK BOWMAN.

It will also premiere in episodic form on the FABLE & FOLLY network in Fall 2023 in podcast stereo, as part of the audio anthology series MIDNIGHT MATINEES.

This Halloween, the audio movie of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT finally allows horror fans globally to experience this lost Hollywood classic in the greatest cinema known to the world: the human mind.


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