When the Trash Man Knocks

Pray you’re not home

Director – Christopher Wesley Moore (Triggered, Blessed are the Children)
Starring – Cheryl Abernathy (Triggered, A Stranger Among the Living), Allie Bennett, and Derek Robert Hull Bond (The 12 Sacred Moons, Broad Daylight)
Release Date – 2023
Rating – 3/5

I’ve been having a blast watching all these indie horror films that were sent my way in late September for my October horror binge. I’ve seen some amazing films that I will be adding to my collection like Desperate Souls, Night of the Axe, Redhead, and Stranded just to name a few. I love indie horror and it’s been amazing checking out a new one every night like I have the last two months or so.

Way back in October I was sent a screen by director Chris Moore to review his newest horror film When the Trash Man Knocks. This was a different type of indie horror compared to the others that were sent my way. This one wasn’t a Halloween horror flick. Instead, this is a Thanksgiving horror tale that I failed to notice until after Thanksgiving has passed. Regardless, I want to thank Chris for sending it over.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a suffering mother and traumatized son who live in constant fear decades after their picture perfect family was tore apart by the murderous Trash Man. As they try to move on with their lives they find themselves haunted by the tragic events that night but now history is about to repeat itself. The Trash Man has returned to their sleepy southern town and is making his way through several people leaving a bloody trail in is wake. **Spoiler Alert**

I’m a big fan of Chris Moore and his previous films. Triggered, Blessed Are the Children, and Children of Sin are all fantastic films that I highly recommend to indie horror fans. I love the atmosphere, characters, and stories that he gives viewers. He does a fantastic job writing and paying tribute to the films that a lot of us grew up on that was direct to video or made for television. When the Trash Man Knocks is another solid film that feels like a slasher that you would have watched late at night on cable or would be part of USA Up All Night.

The acting in this one is very enjoyable. While some of the scenes does show some inexperience, a majority of the film is well acted. The characters have a lot of personality written into them and the cast does a phenomenal job bringing them all to life. On the opposite side of the same coin, I wish that the Trash Man character had a little more depth. I love a faceless slasher but backstories and appealing lore goes a long way.

The story for this one pays tribute to a lot of classic slashers but does feel like it’s a parody of Halloween. The film is set during another holiday, this time Thanksgiving, and we follow a killer who returns to the home of the original murders why those that lived through that horrendous night is forever changed and looking over their shoulders. It has great pacing, well written characters but the loving tribute or parody of Halloween is very obvious.

Finally, the film has a decent amount of blood with some solid effects. It’s not gory but we do get some fun blood that adds some color to these darker scenes. Overall, When the Trash Man Knocks is another enjoyable film from Chris Moore and company. I love the visuals, writing, and story centered around a holiday that doesn’t get enough horror attention. I highly recommend checking this one out


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