TERROR FILMS RELEASING Acquires Worldwide Rights to, “They Are Watching”

TERROR FILMS RELEASING has teamed with writer / director J.M. Stelly to release his dark web horror film, “They Are Watching”.

Starring Keegan Macy, J.M. Stelly, Jared Bankens, and Mary Cazes, the film follows two friends who run an online channel and decide to search the deep underbelly of the dark web for something known as Dark Web Mystery Boxes. Soon they find themselves stalked by a group who run online torture rooms known online as Red Rooms.
Stelly (The Demonologist), who also produced They Are Watching, shared his thoughts about making the film:
“I’ve always been intrigued by the dark web. It’s a dangerous place. Mostly filled with fake and useless things, yet at the same time filled with unconscionable elements that are both illegal and unthinkable.
​As a filmmaker who’s covered dark subjects of all kinds, I was inspired to create this film when I was watching many online content-based videos about dark web unboxing videos. I feel a lot of those videos are faked if not all of them. Especially the ones that appear to connect back to possible murders. To explore that from the found footage realm I felt was the best way. To make a movie about content creators while going into the realm of non-found footage to capture the world of the Red Room Creators.
​It’s that strange juxtaposition between our main characters and the villains. They’re both creating content. The content focuses on the dark and unusual on both sides of the aisle. However, the dark web portion is a real threat that’s considered a hoax. Daniel and James are cracking into that hoax and if someone like them were to do that in real life, I can guarantee they would find that their lives would be in danger. That’s where this movie goes. It starts with a look into the lives of two friends and journeys into a world far darker than they can imagine.”

The film will premiere on the Official TFR YouTube AVOD Channel, February 23rd, 2024, at 7pmPST with the filmmaker and cast participating in a live chat with the fans, followed by a wide digital release on March 15th, 2024. Check out the official poster and trailer, courtesy of TERROR FILMS RELEASING.


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