Ominous Thrill by the sound designer of Diablo lll, Jeff Schmidt

Acclaimed sound designer and director Jeff Schmidt, the creative force behind the sound of true-crime phenomena Dr. Death and Dirty John and fiction podcast thrillers Blood Ties and Aftershock, is set to unleash a new audio fiction masterpiece, OMINOUS THRILL. An anthology of character-driven tales of obsession, love, rage, and revenge clashing in the murky worlds of the supernatural and paranormal.

Inspired by modern horror anthologies like “Black Mirror,” “Love, Death & Robots” and del Toro’s “Cabinet of Curiosities,” OMINOUS THRILL employs full-cast dramatizations and Dolby Atmos spatial audio to bring these devious audio delights to life.
Scheduled for release on all major podcast platforms on February 15, 2024, Ominous Thrill is created in sonically vivid Dolby Atmos spatial audio, creating an immersive experience that pulls listeners into these characters’ dark worlds.

Jeff Schmidt shares his excitement about this passion project, saying, “Exploring characters driven by ego, obsession, rage, desire and revenge in worlds of the supernatural, is the series of devious audio delights I’ve long wanted to make.”

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