Bloody Summer Camp 2: Red Horizon Goes Big With Crowdfunding Campaign

Slasher 15 Productions is making a sequel to their 80’s camp slasher throwback Bloody Summer Camp. The crowdfunder for their sequel titled Bloody Summer Camp 2: Red Horizon dropped on Monday Feb. 12th and they managed to raise almost $10,000 on the first day. Slasher 15 are not strangers to crowdfunding with their last film, The Slasher Nurse, raising over $70,000 on Indiegogo.

The first film, Bloody Summer Camp was released in 2022 through Gravitas Ventures and is available to watch streaming on Amazon, Tubi, iTunes, VUDU and more.

Bloody Summer Camp 2: Red Horizon is set to take place in 1994 and brings back several of the original cast including horror veteran Felissa Rose as her character Camp Director Ms. Crowell. The film will take place at the same camp as the first film only reopened under new ownership and a new name: Camp Red Horizon.

Plot: In 1994, Camp Holidays Trails is reopened for the first time in eight years. After the murders in 1986, the camp remained shutdown until the camp was sold to a new owner who reopens the camp under the new name: Camp Red Horizon. The camp’s first year is wrapping up and as the counselors send the kids home and celebrate a successful first year, counselors begin to go missing. Ms. Crowell who survived the original camp murders is suspicious but the new owner Teddy dismisses her concerns. Determined to not let another camp tragedy happen, Ms. Crowell sets out to catch a killer and put an end to it once and for all.

The film’s killer antagonist, Devilface will be returning with a slightly different look and a new face under the mask. The film is returning to the whodunit angle where the audience won’t know who the killer is until the very end.

Among the things Slasher 15 hopes to add to the film with a big enough budget is the addition of more horror icons, a higher body count and a bigger practical FX budget.

Highlighted perks on the crowdfunder include blu-rays, DVDs, cast signed posters, cast signed oars, have your picture in the film, have a character named after you, t-shirts, perk packs and more. The crowdfunder has raised over $18,000 in the first week and is less than $2,000 away from hitting their first stretch goal.

Bloody Summer Camp 2: Red Horizon is written and directed by Dave Kerr. Cast includes Felissa Rose, Brendan Lynch, Chloe Rogers, Rachel Vangelist, Will Devokees and Louis Altman. Filming for the camp slasher begins this fall.



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