The Box (Short Review)

Director – Andrew Gibbs (Midnight Snack, Come Up Here)
Starring – Catherine Gibbs (Witch, Come Up Here)
Release Date – 2021
Rating – 2.5/5

A few days ago, I started watching and reviewing several micro-budget horror films from Dark House Pictures and director Andew Gibbs. So far, I had watched and reviewed Witch, Midnight Snack, and Come Up Here. That left just one to check out which is The Box. It looks like this was the first micro-short Gibbs had uploaded to his YouTube channel. I want to thank Andrew for sending this over to check out!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a woman when her lights go off in her home. She proceeds to the basement and as she is looking through the breaker box the lights come back on. She turns around to find a strange box sitting behind her on the ground. She opens it for a moment to look inside and looks away for a second. When her gaze reverts back to the box, she discovers it is empty but something or someone is now standing behind her. **Spoiler Alert**

After watching this fourth and final micro-short from Andrew Gibbs I’ve realized that they are fun to watch but they don’t deliver any sort of story for the viewer to grasp on to. I liked The Box for what it is but I feel like it has so much potential to be something more than a short running just a few minutes.

The acting in this one is solid and fits the film very well. We once again have a very small cast with everyone except the film’s lead only on screen for a few seconds. She does a great job, but we don’t really get to see her “act” in a traditional sense here. The story for this one is another one from Dark House Pictures that has an interesting premise, but we never see where it goes. If the film was just a few minutes longer we could get a few answers to the questions that we have.

Finally, this is another one with no blood or practical effects to speak of. Its relies on atmosphere and tension to get to the viewer and it almost succeeds. Overall, The Box is another micro-short that is beautiful to look at but doesn’t really satisfy the viewer if they are looking for something with a bit of a story.


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