Blu Review – Repligator (Visual Vengeance)

Bret McCormick’s erotic sci-fi romp

Director – Bret McCormick (Highway to Hell, The Abomination)
Starring – Gunnar Hansen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Mosquito), Keith Kjornes (Thug Life, Six Dollars a Minute), and Randy Clower (Fatal Justice, Time Tracer)
Release Date – 1996
Rating – 3.5/5
Blu Release – 4/5

I may have been born in the 80s but I grew up in the 90s. I remember some things from my early years in the 80s but the 90s were my time. While I do remember watching some ThunderCats, G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Real Ghostbusters, and TMNT, it was shows like Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Big Wolf on Campus, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Life, and so many more that shaped my childhood.

When not watching these on cable I was renting tapes from the local video store or watching made for television movies on the original Sy-Fy Channel, Sci-Fi Channel. I watched a lot of cheesy Sci-Fi Channel films during the 90s and have a soft spot for them which is why I was excited when I saw that Visual Vengeance was releasing the 1996 sci-fi comedy Repligator. This looked like something inspired by the Sci-Fi original films of the time and I couldn’t wait to see it. Like always, I want to thank Visual Vengeance for sending this one over.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a scientist with a military contract that is working on what he has dubbed a replicator. However, there is an issue when a man is sent through and comes out a woman on the other side. While he is working to correct the error a rival scientist has convinced the military to let him take over the project resulting in the human test subjects being exposed to that of an alligator. **spoiler Alert**

I fucking love campy and cheesy cinema. I know most of the movies I love are shitty in retrospect, but I enjoy watching them so fucking much. Repligator is another entry in a long line of science run amok films made popular in the atom age and is still scene to this day. What sets this one apart from others is the nudity and sense of humor. It’s far from perfect but you can’t deny that it’s a lot of fun regardless of your taste in film.

The acting in this one is hit or miss. We have the late horror legend Gunnar Hansen and scream queen Brinke Stevens. Both deliver decent performances, but they are only in the film for a short about of time. The remainder of the cast is having fun on set but their dialogue is forced and many struggle with the volume of their voice. It’s not the worst acting I’ve seen but there was a lot of room for improvement.

The story for this one is everything I had hoped it would be for a sci-fi flick titled Repligator. We have beautiful women going around topless, a campy sci-fi setting featuring scientists who accidentally create alligator hybrids for the military, and a lot of cheesy visual effects from the 90s. I had a lot of fun with this but movie fans that don’t appreciate the cheesy films that you could find on Sy-Fy in the 90s will not enjoy the story here.

Finally, the film is not a bloodbath but it does have some seriously dated yet enjoyable visual effects and some gorgeous women. Blood would have made it a little more fun but we have to take what we can get. Overall, Repligator is another solid release from Visual Vengeance. It’s one of those extremely cheesy movies that you can watch sober or 12 beers deep and still enjoy it. This release is a must have for collectors. Check it out.

Special Features:
Region Free Blu-ray
New, director supervised SD master from original master tapes
Limited Edition Slipcase – FIRST PRESSING ONLY
Commentary with director Bret McCormick and Glen Coburn
Commentary with Sam Panico of B&S About Movies and Bill Van Ryn of Drive-In Asylum
Archival Making Of Featurette
Archival Bret McCormick Interview (2013)
Original Deleted Opening Scene
Director Bret McCormick Interview (2022)
Producer Wynn Winberg Interview (2022)
Actress Brinke Stevens Interview (2022)
Actor Carl Merritt Interview (2022)
Actor Randy Clower Interview (2022)
Original VHS Trailer
Visual Vengeance Trailers
One pair of branded ‘X-Ray Specs’
Folded mini-poster
‘Stick your own’ VHS sticker sheet
Reversible Sleeve With Original VHS Art
2-Sided Insert
Optional English Subtitles


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